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Social media advertising is a simple yet effective way of introducing new potential customers to your business through social media. With little investment, you can advertise to thousands more customers. Adverts can be fine tuned to target specific audiences and demographics.

Firtly, arrange your budget for the campagin. You can spend as little or as much as you like.

Choose your target audience for the advert to show to. Think about the different demograpghics that you want the advert to deliver to.

Platforms & Intention
Decide which social media platforms you want your advert to show on. Decide what you want your advert to promote. e.g. Your website; Your social media pages; Visits to your shop.

Results & Feedback
Get your campaign results along with feedbackon how the campaign went. Understand how your advert was delivered and how the advert performed with different demographics.

Adverts Explained

Paid social media delivers your advert to people on the internet. Your advert is created and delivered to an audience that you want. The adverts are paid for in different ways. Some adverts are paid per click, others are based on the number of times the advert is delivered.

With different platforms offering advertising, you can select the platform(s) that suit your business the most. Advertising on Google with Google Ads will show your advert at the top of a Google search if the user uses keywords that you've specified.

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